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Hatress new R&D small pixel pitch led display will release in LED China(shanghai) 2017



ledchina.jpgThe 13th LED China Shanghai  will be held on September 20 at the Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center. Hatress will showcase the most popular LED display products, applications and solutions. The biggest highlight of this exhibition is The new low-profile display and modular rental screens will be debuted at the show.


Hatress will release a small pitch LED display is a standard 16: 9 box, matching the existing mainstream video source, the box size is the most appropriate industry, the box size is 600 * 337.5, both can achieve 16 : 9 perfect ratio, but also easily spliced into an integer.


Rental LED display is completely modular, power, receiver cards, modules can be individually plug and play, one second maintenance, save time and maintenance costs, is the real user-level products.


In the September 20 -22, Shanghai International LED exhibition site, every day at 11 o'clock and two in the afternoon, in the Han booth E1-C59 new products on-site release.

By then, you will be close to feel Han new products to bring you a wonderful visual feast. These two products are Han Chong painstaking research and development, to user needs as the core, in quality and service efforts, only to create the best user experience with the LED display.


Hatress invite you to visit the site to experience, learn more product information and industry information, I believe that Han Chong debut of the new products will be able to make your eyes!

Hatress Booth No.:E1-59
Ad:No2345 Longyang Road,shanghai new international centre