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Small pitch LED display successfully completed in Qingdao Oriental Fashion Center.


 Recently, Hatress a small pitch LED display successfully completed debugging in Qingdao Oriental Fashion Center. The display picture performance not only accept high-definition camera test, but also by the customers and the audience's praise.


Hatress create two small-spaced indoor LED display for the Qingdao Oriental Fashion Center, not only provide one-stop solution, from the program to the product to the installation and technical support, and provide best solution to customers. Excellent display and meticulous and enthusiastic service to win the customer's recognition and trust.


As the Oriental fashion center visualization system, Hatress small pitch indoor LED display point spacing P2.0, screen resolution up to 5160 * 1440. By three different areas of the display screen, close to the wall, each other can become a whole, its complete seamless stitching arc, high-definition delicate display, natural realistic color reproduction to meet the user's all-round use demand.


Another small pitch indoor led display and the outer curved wall close fit, and the wall into one, both show high-end atmosphere, but also to achieve seamless information docking. Debugging the scene, a professional camera for live recording, Hatress high-definition small-distance display color display natural and real, excellent performance.